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About me:

July 18, 2012

Yukon Energy - Morin standup (Large)

Above: Recording a standup about Yukon’s electricity supply for Northbeat.


I’m a bilingual journalist with experience living and working in Canada’s Arctic.

I am currently a videojournalist or “backpack reporter” with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Whitehorse, Yukon.

A videojournalist is trained to film, write and edit short stories on a daily deadline. I often produce the same story in French and English for CBC and Radio-Canada.

In 2006 I graduated Carleton University and moved to Inuvik NWT. I spent five years working there as a reporter.  Working in the Arctic has required a knowledge of Canadian aboriginal politics, mining, oil and gas stories and local culture.

My television work has aired nationally on CBC and photography has been featured on’s national photo gallery site. Radio items have been broadcast on the national CBC shows World at Six, World Report, Spark and Sirius Satellite’s Editor’s Choice.

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Cel: 1-867-334-5891
Twitter: @YukonPhilippe